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The Art of Ducky Gladen on Canvas and Repurposed Objects

"Most of the pieces are rendered over the application of paint using a combination of brush strokes, palette knife use and a line-varying stick drip technique.  The layers provide hints and suggestions of ambiguous images, allowing for imagination and interpreting from the viewer.




Influences such as Picasso's cubism and Pollock's drip style can be found throughout my work."

 Ducky Gladen:

 Defines Her Style & Influences

Red Bike Painting by artist Ducky Gladen on canvas.
Painting of Mr. Bones playing the Mandolin an acrylic painting on canvas
A painting of The carnivorous tomato farmer's daughter in acrylic on wood.

The Carnivorous Tomato Farmer's Daughter    20" x 20" Acrylic




"I don't remember a time I didn't write, draw, color and paint and around middle school I began working with oils and the learning about the world of fine art. "

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